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Compassionate Care, Building Homes, Creating Hope.

Buy / Lease

Direct Accommodation Services is presently acquiring a number of

properties in order to provide care facilities and to provide accommodation

for both Ukrainian and International refugees in Ireland.

In addition Direct Accommodation Services also provides accommodation for people who are homeless in Ireland and works closely with the local authorities in this regard.  

This company is led by property developers who have combined in a joint

venture with an experienced operations management company which has a

proven track record in delivering efficient services in this particular domain.

Sell / Lease

Our experience in providing excellent housing management services makes us an attractive partner for developers and local authorities who have properties that they wish to lease rather than sell. If you have a property that you want to be leased, then we are in a position to enter into negotiations with you in relation to a lease with an option to purchase or such other appropriate means to support the commercial needs of all the parties.

Scope / Services

International Protection

At Direct Accommodation Services, our scope of services extends to

individuals seeking international protection, as we offer extensive

support to refugees originating from various regions across the

globe. Our guiding philosophy revolves around establishing a safe

sanctuary where refugees can find solace, evaluate their

circumstances, and acquire valuable skills that will greatly contribute

to their successful integration into their new home, Ireland.

Domestic Homelessness  

We remain dedicated to addressing the needs of the

homeless community by offering secure accommodation facilities

that prioritise safety and protection. Within our facilities,

beneficiaries are provided with the opportunity to prepare for their

next life phase, focusing on regaining stability and independence.

Our Approach

Through our comprehensive approach to care, accommodation, and

empowerment, Direct Accommodation Services strives to make a

positive and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Our

unwavering dedication to promoting the well-being and successful

integration of refugees, as well as the recovery and self-sufficiency

of the homeless community, defines the core principles of our

professional ethos.

Enable people create thriving communities

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Direct Accommodation Services commitment to its mission is the core reason why we want to collaborate with other experienced service providers. In order to enable people to create thriving homes and communities, collaborating with NGO's, AHB's, AHA's and charities who provide support to refugees, elderly or infirm people with physical or intellectual disabilities, and people who were recently housed after being in long-term homelessness, will help realise this mission.

We work nationally and have a presence in all 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom. We have partners working across each county with a wealth of housing and technical experience. We take great pride in the partners we have collaborated with and continue to collaborate with. We see the partnership as a vital way of being able to provide housing to those who are in need.


Direct Accommodation Services recognise that Regeneration projects are not just about bricks and mortar but the renewal of the community as well. We are aware of many similar communities across the country that are in serious need of regeneration. Direct Accomodation Services is in a position to access private loan finance to fund regeneration. We are keen to work with local authorities to make regeneration a success story for future generations and to find out how we can work together.

Financial Institutions

We work in close partnership with a number and a range of private institutions to help fund housing provision. Together we have created innovative funding models.

Local Authorities

Local authorities have always played a core role in providing social housing and supportive accommodation suitable for leasing.

a row of houses

Have your own home.



Direct Accommodation Services is a privately owned entity which is focused

on the supported living sector across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Together, we're building a brighter future, guided by our unwavering dedication to promoting integration, empowerment, and resilience. Join us in making a positive and lasting impact, One Life at a Time.



The vision of the company is to work closely with those working at the front line of this crisis, to listen and understand their needs and the needs of those whom they support and to create working cooperation and create clear, sustainable plans capable of delivering immediate solutions combined with long term planning to provide real change.

We believe in the rights of all to have full inclusion within society, particularly the most fundamental right:




With the support of a stable base of allocated institutional finance we have the resources and capacity to provide significant investment for the specialist housing domain and we aim:

To provide some of the most marginalised in society with a safe and supportive environment.

To provide a stable investment platform for investors with a comfort and triple A rated predictable long term income stream.

To assist families and individuals to re-establish themselves in the community and move towards independence within the community.

We provide quality housing and services to enable people to create homes and thriving communities.

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